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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.


In 2004 Google Maps® had not arrived in Italy when…

G, talking at the mobile with P, said: “…You need to meet D… it’s the right moment… I am sure something will trigger”. During a hot summer evening, as agreed, G, P and D met… and founded GPD.

Technology enthusiasts, eager to to provide unique solutions, we developed the first application ever for mobile phones in Italy to track and control fleets and to receive, real time, CCTV videos.

In 2005 Google Maps® had not arrived yet in Italy and GPD launched “GPD Mobile”.


Since then we have a mission:
developing solutions capable of improving your business.



Giuseppe Peschiera
Giuseppe PeschieraChairman & CEO
Graduated in 2001 in Electronic Engineering with a Master in “Image & Audio processing” at Politecnico di Milano Research Center, in 2003 becomes Head of Engineering in an Automotive Company. In 2008 he was in charge of the project aimed to create a traffic monitoring system and video surveillance system for an important Italian City. Currently Chairman and CEO of GPD.
Carmine Di Virgilio
Carmine Di VirgilioManaging Director
He attended the Army Military Academy and spent 10 years in various operational roles. Employee in Altran Group he worked in Aerospace and Defence programs. After a short period in Selex, in 2005 he founded GPD and started working for AGUSTA, today Leonardo Helicopters, world top player in the vertical lift. He led the development team of an innovative remotely piloted aircraft system (drone).