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Remote Control, GPS Locating and solutions for Vending Machines


Manage your fleet and your assets.

Remotely control accesses with the highest security standards.

Save on fuel consumption. Receive automatic reports with most important information.

All,  real time



Manage remotely your vending machines. Improve your customer service.

Use the Smartphone to deliver products.  Create customized advertising campaigns.

An innovative payment system to bring your vending machines in the future, as simple as secure.



GDP - Servizi di ingegneria

Share your needs with us and we will design your solution, in time and cost effective.

We develop hardware and software solution for embedded systems.

We integrate our solutions with your ERP software.


GPD is in the IoT (Internet of Things) business since over ten years.

We are solution providers for logistics, automatic vehicle location (AVL), security and the whole vending machine world.



  • Our solutions will reduce your operative costs. Find out how.

  • Your investments matter to us. We value your money.

  • We offer custom solutions, tightly integrated with your business.

  • We leverage on many years of experience and on strategic partnerships.


Innovation to improve your business, easily and securely.

Start saving immediately up to 30% of the operating costs with GPDSAT.

Manage your assets by controlling several parameters (position, fuel consumption, driver identification and a lot more).

GPDSAT is flexible and is the ideal solution ranging from trucks, heavy duty vehicles, light vehicles, bikes, containers, trailers down to packages and much more.

Find out more, ask us.

Manage your vending machine network with VEMOSO. Monitor the status and check, real time, the need to perform maintenance avoiding wasting money.

Improve sells up to 25% by installing our innovative cashless systems.
Create your customized advertising campaigns on the socials.

With VEMOSO your smartphone will make the coffe!

Our staff has the experience and the know-how to help you when talking about security or when integrating new solutions in your current business.

GPD, in partnership with other players, delivers solutions also in the fields of Drones and AI, which is already part of our Fleet Management algorithms.

Do you already have a solution and you are not really satisfied?


Challenge us, ask for a FREE trial, we will exceed your expectations.


Don’t get “a” solution, get the RIGHT solution for you to improve YOUR business.

Contact us and we will design and devlope the best solution for you.